Breaking Jezebel Assignments & Alignments: This Is War!




Breaking Jezebel Assignments & Alignments

The Jezebel assignment is alive and well. I’ve written three books dealing with this spirit and have more revelation pouring out as I continue battling this demonic entity that has harassed saints through the ages. I’m also launching a season of television shows to deal with this wicked principality that will air all over the world next year.

It’s time to stop putting up with this wicked demon in your life, which can cause confusion, fatigue, feelings of giving up, infirmities, mind traffic, relationship trouble, financial losses and more.

It’s time to stop tolerating this false spirit!

Join me for this special event where we will learn to discern Jezebel spirits operating, Jezebel alignments in our life that are opening a portal of hell, and spiritual warfare prayer to break these assignments and alignments.